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Information On Valet Service Dallas

10.26.2013 · Posted in Car & Truck

Valet service Dallas is a parking option offered by business establishments to customers who leave their cars at the entrance to parking attendants who park and retrieve them. Some of the business establishments that offer these services include malls, casinos and crowded urban settlements. The person to who helps in the parking and retrieving of the car upon arrival at the premise is called a valet.

Usually in some places like hotels and casinos, the services are offered for free. This is done for the reason and purpose of attracting customers. Payment is required in other premises. An individual can be required to book for parking online and in addition he may be allowed to pick a specific attendant to attend to his or her car.

When an individual visits a casino which provides these, he or she drives to the entrance of the premise and then steps out of his or her car. The attendants subsequently approach and receive the car keys from an individual who enters the premise. The attendants then proceed to park the vehicle for the person. Finally when the person leaves the premise, he or she waits for the vehicle to be brought by the attendant.

Sometimes people offer tips to the parking attendants. This is as a sign of appreciation for a job well done. This has become custom and many people just tip them as a routine even though it is not a must. An individual, after having been served by a specific parking attendant, may apply to the company so that he or she is served only by the same attendant. This may cost a little more than the usual fee.

Perhaps the main importance of these services is convenience and saving time. If for instance one is late for a meeting or a class, he or she need not struggle to find a parking spot. That task will be left to the parking attendants to handle. It is also important in hotels because a customer may not be familiar with the parking area of the premise.

In places such as shopping malls where there are few parking spaces this system can be very efficient. If the customers are left to park the cars all by themselves the space may be underutilized. Hence the work of the attendants is to park the vehicle carefully in such a manner that as many vehicles as possible fit properly in the parking lot.

The parking attendants may be employed directly by the business premise or they may be supplied by labor from an employment agency. This practice has taken root in various circles to the point that manufacturers of motor vehicles have decided to provide special keys. Such keys can only be used for parking and not to access the car safes and storage.

This use of valet service Dallas was previously widely used in North America but has spread to other places. The service can also be offered in events to avoid confusion and to ensure there is organization. The use of these is important to save time.

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