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An Insight into Accounting

04.24.2012 · Posted in Taxes

Bookkeeping are part of the operation of any business. Whether you hire an accountant or charge yourself for your own accounting, an organized bookkeeper will allow you to track your required financial records. Hiring an accountant while setting up your business can be advantageous, because it can answer your questions about bookkeeping.

Advantages of a well organized record keeping

Adequate records facilitate effective planning regarding the decisions that will affect the future of your business. More organized your records are, the more they will be helpful.

A well-organized financial records to:

* Allows you to compare your current financial situation with your situation in the past;

* Planning your financial future;

* Obtain information that will enable you to make informed business decisions;

* Meet and exceed reporting needs

* A real time saver if you get audited.

Types of accounting records to be kept

Business professionals who run a business or involved in commercial activities need to keep good records. These records are:

* Ticker tape or computer generated data;

* Expenditure logs and total sales;

* Records of payroll deductions;

* Records of all taxes.

You must keep records and supporting documents to determining your tax obligations and credits, for a period of six years from the end of the last tax year to which they relate. Your financial records should reflect your daily expenses and revenues permanently, accurately and completely.

Types of Accounting

A system of bookkeeping practice is easy to use and understand. It is reliable, accurate and consistent, and allows you to access information when needed.

Examples of types bookkeeping:

* Single Entry Bookkeeping: Each transaction is recorded only once, as income or expense, or asset or liability. All entries are logged for one page synoptic, also known as log income and expenses.

* Double entry Record Keeping: Each transaction is recorded twice, one amount is charged to credit and another for the same amount called a debit.

* One-write systems: These systems are protected by copyright using carbon-backed checks. When you enter information on the check, they are transferred to a recording system.

* Software Applications: These programs are fast and versatile. Usually they are used to produce financial reports when they are needed. Many of these software applications are expandable so you can add new options and features when your business requires additional features.

You can learn more about bookkeeping through books, business services, software and online tools. You can also participate in introduction courses in accounting that will be useful if you do not know accounting processes.

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